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Developed and implemented Social Media and Digital Marketing Strategy. Original Content, Microblogging and Storytelling.

design yac architecture night view of a villa
Roccomandolfi Forest Escape

Roccomandolfi, Isernia, Italy

3d sketch of design on a ruin
Famagusta, Cyprus
K I R P I C H 

Kazan, Russia

Creative co-working space & local organic market

Genoese Gazes about Girne


International Workshop

The study considers the concept of ‘place’, in the context of physical characteristics and the associated sensory perception of them.  It is approached using a qualitative methodology that embraces sensory ethnography in an experimental manner.


workshop genova postcard
kirpich project graduation kaxzan pestrechinsky
K I R P I C H conceptual

Redesign of the abandoned clinker brick factory in the suburb of Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia


Photographic memories from Scandinavia 

miralumos japan tokyo iccaua concrete jungle
Vernacular architectural
preservation of material
and spiritual interconnected
cultural heritage.


cyprus landscape design architecture trnc kktc
Nature regeneration

Long-term landscape development

mediterranean port city urban analysis architecture
Mediterranean Cities

Mapping. Analysis.

Reseach Concept Proposal.

Scan_20190926 (24)_edited_edited.png

Illustration series, drawings in development

Scan_20190926 (17)_edited.png
Tatar Identity

Bachelor degree thesis

tatar identities татары татарстан казань

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