K I R P I C H - design project

Creative Community Space & Local Organic Market

This project and the study is investigating new methods to preserve locality and originality, it is addressing and promoting innovative collaborative work approaches, developing and supporting local producers and the market within the community.

The project of creative community space and local organic market is the symbiosis of coworking artistic studios, internet retail, management department and organic, local market. The main purpose of the study is to develop and popularize the essential elements of tatar culture- unique traditional arts and crafts preserving authenticity of locality and the building and identity of Tatar nation and its heritage. The project proposal situated in Pestrechinsky region, Kazan agglomeration, Tatarstan province, Russia endeavors to support entrepreneurs’ startup businesses, local artists, craftsmen, and ethical food producers by providing synergic relationships between each other. In in the 21st century many nations are finding it hard to withstand globalization and its consequences.

Preliminary study

Data base of analytical data was collected prior to this design project.

It was published as a research paper with an abstract available here .

Site, Plan & Sections

Schematic before & after in 3D


Visualisations & Details