Geometry from the Womens Eye

An opportunity to find the artistic self-transformation in the city of Florence came with an invitation to create a photographic exhibition. Interlinked with the historiographical aura of the Chiesa Santa Verdiana where it took place, the core idea, drawing from the women eye, was not a coincidence, but a pinnacle of dimensions. Church’s central location reasons its drastically ever-changing purpose, perennially circling around women.The structure of the church, the way it exists with high ceiling topped with frescoes, columns supporting its structure and the central immovable altar, was the canvas for an exhibition mounting. 

Two big panels located closest to the sacred altar implicate the sense of place into the collection. Bustling city of London is drawing a confrontational contrast with the vibrant rocks, Italian Dolomites Mountains surrounded by whimsical patterns of brown cows. St. Paul’s Cathedral is depicted on the opposite photograph, between the two mirroring planes. Revealed in the dome’s shape and form, Christopher Wren conceived inspiration from the Pantheon of Rome. This simulacrum is building bridging these two opposing scenes. Most duets are speaking about an antagonist relationship between organic and artificial geometries, patterns, scales, paces, and colors. Fundamentally, photographing an artistic creation, architecture, creates a kaleidoscopic layering of concepts and ideas.

Moreover, in most cases, even depicted artificial geometries draw back to their origins and reveal an organic nature of patterns and structures. Present in both scenarios, the human subject as scene emphasis, serves a connection between different coexisting words.

Activities that went along with the exhibition included thought-provoking roundtable meetings and lectures discussing human scale in visual representation. One of the discussions talked on subjects of conceptual preparation and artistic spontaneity. Of how background research and existing knowledge may construct pre conceptions. In travel photography as well as, far beyond, encompassing life in general. The evidently important support of planning creates a presupposition effect. Being creators in visually saturated world, we try to distance from premises. Unique to each of us, however, one cannot be purely refine their prism and free from history, or bordered from everyday trivial events.