Roccamandolfi Forest Escape

The project is located in the small Italian village-  Roccamandolfi. It is a place integrated with history and nature, where people are coming to enjoy long walks in the National Park of Matese, discovering lakes and local forests. If you ever wondered how it may feel to fly up high among the mountains or live among the lush trees this destination is welcoming your body and soul to experience it. There are two faces of the Hotel – a Castle on a hilltop and individual high-comfort apartments hidden among the wood – tree houses floating above the sloping landscape.

The unit is constructed of three clusters supported by the steel elements and covered with corten from the exterior. Floors and ceilings are layered and insulated by the TAVEGO wood panels which are produced locally The inner core is a private, secure and well-ventilated by to the semi-open corridor space, which divides the plan into two parts. Thin stripes or wood are covering unit's exterior. Passive environmentally friendly systems are used to make the escape as eco to the surrounding forest and planet as possible.