Creative Community Space & Local Organic Market


The project of creative community space and local organic market is the symbiosis of coworking artistic studios, internet retail, management department and organic, local market. The main purpose of the study is to develop and popularize the essential elements of tatar culture- unique traditional arts and crafts preserving authenticity and identity of Tatar nation and its heritage.  The project proposal situated in Pestrechinsky region, Kazan agglomeration, Tatarstan province, Russia endeavors to support entrepreneurs’ startup businesses, local artists, craftsmen, and ethical food producers by providing synergic relationships between each other. In in the 21st century many nations are finding it hard to withstand globalization and its consequences. This study is investigating new methods to preserve locality and originality, it is addressing social and economic problems applying innovative collaborative work approaches, developing and supporting local producers and the market.

Keywords: coworking, organic, tatar, traditional, ethnic, architecture, online, retail

Tatarstan and its capital city Kazan are located in the west side of Russia, only 800 km from country’s capital.

Close proximity to Moscow was always very influential to the region, its role on the world arena and development. Site of the current study (55.762257, 49.651845) is a close-standing to the expanding Kazan provincial area- Pestrechinsky Region (rus.Пестречинский Район; tat. Питрәч районы) with the region center- Pestrezy (rus. Пестрецы; tat. Питрә́ч) which lays 45 km from the downtown of Kazan and 15 km from city’s boundary. It is very important to mention that the district is perceived more as a continuation of the mega-city Kazan than a separate settlement. (page 4)


The topic of study includes various subtopics research was made on. Although the project of creative community space and local organic market is unique in its organization and final product proposal, it is a combination of familiar phenomena or modified systems. The symbiosis of departments to result synergic relationships between a coworking artistic studio space embracing manufacturing entrepreneurs’ startup businesses of local artists and craftsmen, supported with a professional expertise and collaboration from an internet retail and management department working on the same co-base with more classic shared community office environment; and a market concentrated on organic local products- it is an emerging and growing sphere worldwide obtaining an interest on the national scale in Kazan agglomeration too, mostly among younger generations- majority of Pestrechinsky region’ population. Likewise, this literature review tends to examine trends in online retail, to study national branding techniques in order to understand capabilities of local start-up businesses on the global scale. Review of previously made researches helps to substantiate the implementability of the project that endeavors to develop and popularize local crafts preserving authenticity and identity of the Tatar nation and its heritage. (page 53)

Project includes the following:

Coworking spaces

Online retail and marketing

Organic, local products market and the popular opinion

Tatar culture, language and traditions in the past and present

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